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Dr. Cecilia D. Willis EDITOR MASHARIKI
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An original poem presented at the MBU 2014 "AAA" Carneval Mardi Gras on February 14, 2014.



Tamera, you may be Queen of my heart, 

But queens topping your suit are not a good start.

I know that my playing is not to blame!

Hands bid and the dummy are not the same.

Read a book, take a class,

Conventional bids are what I ask.

I want our contracts to get out of this slump!

Even bid whist players make a 3 no-trump.


You can tell by the way that I rough with my trump,

I'm a bridge playing lady, not a bid whist chump!

I raed my books and took a class,

But why'd you raise two spades when your first call was pass?

A finesse would be helpful in trapping a king.

If you won't takea r isk, you can't make anything!!

 We'll work on rebidding and limited raises,

Stop criticisms and replace them with praises.


We won't worry about contracts or trump being tight,

When we leave the cards here to be partners tonight.


By Tamera Norris 



American Bridge Association members taught beginning Bridge to children enrolled in the Aspiring Young Artists Summer Camp program during July and August of 2013 in Hempstead, New York.  Over 40 children between the ages of 10 and 19 learned how to deal, organize their hands, count, bid, and play in an atmosphere of fun and camaraderie.  ABA members Moses and Evelyn Smallwood, Janice McBean and Lynda Straker were the instructors.  A mini tournament at the conclusion of the AYA camp resulted in seven winning partnerships who were awarded participation trophies by ABA President, George Hudson, during camp closing ceremonies.  George also assisted in distributing certificates and ABA tee shirts to our happy new players.


The Metropolitan Bridge Unit (MBU) in conjunction with the Eastern Section/ABA will be hosting a series of meetings and seminars in an effort to further train and upgrade the Directors in our Section. Please check the website for dates and times of these events. This valuable service is offered compliments of the Staff Development Committees of the MBU & the Eastern Section of the American Bridge Association.


Gayle Powell has agreed to be the Eastern Section's Good and Welfare representative. Please send all deaths in the Section to her

for submission to the ABA Headquarters for the Final Grand Slammer's report in the bulletin and on the website. Gayle's e-mail is GLETTS24@aol.com.

Thanks for your help.

Edna Boothe


The importance of the Director at a bridge game can never be stressed too strongly. We can all agree that it is the Director who sets the ”tone” of the game.

When issues that arise, are resolved in a competent, pleasant and knowledgeable manner; and the game is run smoothly and scored properly, it is a “Win-Win” situation and adds tremendously to the enjoyment of the event.

FYI: Classification of Directors

We all know that as Certified Directors become more proficient, they attain higher levels of classification, from 1 – 6, with “6” being the highest!


The Community Bridge Home, located at 120-50 Springfield Boulevard, Cambria Heights, New York has a 50-50 Charity drawing each month. The winner receives 50% of the gross proceeds for each month of participation. One does not have to be present to win.  Be sure to request your book of 6 tickets for $10.00 so you too  can be a winner. If you would like to participate please contact: Mrs. Doris C. White, chairperson at 516-764-7580, email, Dorman59@aol.com







             For those of you who are not members of the ACBL, the ACBL Website www.acbl.org has a great deal of

 free information and instruction available.

It has a Playing Site that you

do not have to be a member to play in, "Free". 

Bridge Base Online.

You can download the program with instructions and play immediately.

Eastern Section of American Bridge Association